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Pumpkin Head

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 10-01-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

Iím a little pumpkin head
Growing in a U-pick bed
Pumpkin pie
Meets the eye

Let me be the one you catch
Pick me from this pumpkin patch
Slice and try
Donít be shy

Iíll meet you in the old corn maze
We can reminisce our days
Chance applies
Just right size

Be creative give me charm
Snatch me from this pumpkin farm
Light my eyes
Make first prize

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        10-03-2009     June Nazarian        

How delightful! you always capture me first with your charming titles, then with your wonderful verse. Halloween is around the corner, always a favorite time for the kids, and picking a pumpkin from the patch is always a special treat. a neighbor of mine has a huge pumpkin growing on a slope, and whenever I drive by I smile like a jack-o-lantern. thanks for the fun...June

        10-03-2009     Susan Brown        

I liked the way this skipped along. "Slice and try don't be shy". Just the round amount of leave burning garden flavor. Head, bed, pie, eye. The maze falling into patterns of days. Yep, this one is very creative. Nice!

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