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Invisible Plight

by Christian Scott (Age: 46)
copyright 10-10-2009

Age Rating: 16 +

Invisible Plight

Why is it that they cannot see us?
Almost ignorance, wrapped nobly in honor is what I choose to believe;
For if I do not, then they quickly become my enemy and I decline;
For I am not blind.
I see misery all around my feet.
Do we not have a culture?
Do we not bleed imagery?
Are our tongues incapable of making words dance?
Or, is it simply our questions fall upon deaf ears?
My people have suffered and suffer as they continue to suffer.
Truly reflected when numbers are exchanged and excused in perfect ways.
Extending your offering over the outstretched hands of my people?
Your mighty words now douse in our silence!
Though, I choose to believe you look away in despair.
A plight enriched fire laid too close to your home.
And my hope is one day you will choose to see truth,
Before bitterness and hatred take over my youth,
And on that day the sun will shine and I will truly know that you are my friend

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