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by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 10-15-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

The right person, each for one
Bond of hearts till life is done
Speed bumps travel all around
Together, the way is found

Working to make lasting love
Praying to the man above
Sharing love to another
Caring about each other

Broken hearts just make us strong
Helps to understand what’s wrong
Love is written in a song
Can we learn to get along?

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        10-27-2009     Raja Sharma        

A big CAPITAL YES. Hats off to you! I see the persona's optimism oozing out from the lines before my eyes. Mistakes if cared about and caressed for a while can be very faithful guides and never let us repeat them.
I liked the way you have put it.
God bless you

        10-17-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

Again the simplicity of such a deep and inspiring message bowls me over lol.
A very loving message that all of us should read and take to heart. I'm glad I read this in the morning, now my day will be peaceful. Thanks,


        10-15-2009     Alan Reed        

This is exactly what I needed to hear these days. You put it down so elegantly. Nice rhyme scheme. Short and to the point. We laern from love AND the broken hearts they can inspire. Thank you. -Alan

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