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Sale Barn Bound

by Jackie Moranty
copyright 11-05-2001

Age Rating: 13 +

I took the mare out to doctor,
The weanlings on that day,
The mare had her mad on,
I knew it right away.

I figured I could ride her out,
And if she didn’t come ‘round,
I could pull her nose in,
And get her to break down.

She’s generally a good horse,
Except for a buck or two,
But this morning she was different,
I was unsure as to what she’d do.

She kept stepping backwards,
That’s not a real good plan.
I was a little nervous,
About the ride I’d have to fan.

I finally decided,
That it was her or me,
So I pulled her head around,
Till her nose was at my knee.

She pulled up pretty righteous,
Wouldn’t move her fore or back,
So I spurred her hindquarters,
And held the riggin’ fast.

She got stiffer and harder then,
Really on the fight,
I gave her an over/under,
And pulled her head in tight.

I thought if I could get her,
To disengage her hip,
I could give her back her head,
And she’d get out of this snit.

Finally she crossed over,
So I loosed up the rein,
But she wasn't through yet,
She wanted me in pain.

So she laid her ears back,
I was ready to take the heat,
But instead of bucking,
She came up with her front feet.

She showed the sun her belly,
But didn’t want to stop there,
She kept right on coming,
I heard Jerry swear.

My first thought was the saddle horn,
Could rupture my insides,
So I blew my stirrups,
And threw myself to the side.

I really wasn’t quick enough,
She landed on my leg,
She got up and moved off,
With the cow pie that she’d pegged.

I was seeing stars,
And birdies circled my head,
But I wasn’t broken,
I got up, seeing red.

I popped her on the left flank,
Then got her on the right,
That got her disengaged,
She gave up her fight.

We went on to doctor,
Until the sundown came,
Both of us were hurting,
We each took half the blame.

I can handle a bucker,
But sunfishin’ goes to sale,
So she’ll get one more chance,
Before I send her down the trail.

There’s been too many cowboys,
Who’ve met an untimely demise,
Because some damned sunfisher,
Put a saddle horn to their insides.

November 5, 2001

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        11-12-2001     Jackie Moranty        

It happens a lot, Robert. Horses are the most dangerous thing that people can deal with. I really shudder when people 'train' their first horse. I've seen more injuries than I can count. John, thanks much for reading. This one was an attention grabber, to say the least. LOL Jackie

        11-09-2001     John Mcleod        

Another excellent tale Jackie, you are a fine writer who never ever fails to grab my attention.


        11-08-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, Sam. Every three or four years, the ranches make me push on because they get tired of me, but they're usually entertained when I'm around. Either because I'm doing something that might get me killed or writing about it. It's been an interesting life. LOL Jackie

        11-08-2001     Sam Dreamweaver Martin        

I just love the way you tell a story... 't'would be great around a campfire at night listening to you.
Thanks a bunch,

        11-07-2001     Jackie Moranty        

I'll probably keep her, Betty. I've been talking to other trainers and other riders up here, and we're going to work with her some. She's about half broke, and doesn't get enough riding around here. Of course, with the injuries that I got from her this go, I'm kinda stuck on the ground for awhile. Jackie

        11-07-2001     Betty Eskdale        

What a ride! I don't blame you for getting rid of her....The only time I had a horse rear up, my instincts helped me out. Once he decided I was not going to give in to him he settled down. Other than that, it is trail horse types for me...

        11-06-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks, all, it was a rough weekend. Especially Sunday. My friend, Julie, kept asking if I needed to go to the hospital, then she'd say, "Only thang is, I don't know whether to tell them that you have a concussion or a hangover." LOL Needless to say, I didn't go.

Nan, a sunfisher is a horse that rears on it's hind legs. It's much more dangerous than bucking. I don't know how many people have been killed when a rearing horse went over with them and the saddle horn has caught them in the chest or the gut. Jackie

        11-06-2001     Nan Jacobs        

I love these cowboy poems--I'm learning all sorts of new expressions. What's a sunfisher? A horse that shows the sun its belly? (which i'm pretty sure means bucking BIG time high, like almost a handstand).

well, i'm glad you're both still in one piece....

        11-06-2001     Beverley McInnis        

Exactly Jackie! Getting thrown off is one thing but that rearing up....gets my fear up every time! I've seen it happen and luckily no one was hurt. I haven't actually ridden one that did that, thankfully.

Thank goodness you got sideways. Landing on a leg is much better than a saddle horn in the gut or chest.

Great poem!

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