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Matriarch Divine

by Eric Siedzikowski (Age: 49)
copyright 11-06-2009

Age Rating: 13 +
Matriarch Divine
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Berceuse was of the humming I did hear
next to the breast of a matriarch so fair.
Born was a maternal love beyond sheer;
tainted,never to be,endless for our share.
Thus,incessant is your wisdom of life
that I continue to apply with my days.
Those were the filial times of my life:
neonate joie de vivre to present phase.
And so we remain in such felicity,
never to be aberrant from our hearts.
Trial of me in my own iniquity
never diminished the love that mother imparts.
Harsh changes in time have only found us
with timely endeavors,and we prevailed!
My mother,who can deny and discuss
(as dare one baring zucchetto or veil)
that you are not a saint within the eyes
of hearts you showed kindness to throughout your life?
Yes it is true of this poem's imply
that you'll forbear the worst of pangs and strife.
There is not enough words,nor stanzas to
express all the love that keeps teeming within.
With paramount sincerity,I dearly love you.

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