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That Canny Eve

by Eric Siedzikowski (Age: 49)
copyright 11-11-2009

Age Rating: 18 +
That Canny Eve
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Yore agon,the night was brisk
as the zephyr blew wretched upon thy weary bones.
The aggrandizement of the moon hung sullen
like a faceless disk;
thus to foment a pang of fear within thy heart.
'Twas then I sauntered thilke canny eve alone.

The splayed icicled branches
of the trees in the foreground of the pallid moon
appeared as cracks in pillars of ancient ruins.
And of all thy revanches
exacted,none shall mensurate ayens the fury
that gave rise from thy tattered heart's blackest of bloom.

Stark was the frozen water
unsounding ayens the plod beneath thy stenned feet.
Impressionless was thy path trodden amid thilke canny eve.
'Twas twal passed twal
when thy arrived nigh thou sordid hovel to cleanse
nefarious souls within and bring their catharsis to replete.

Hence thy had created
a broste of gleam amidst the umbrage of eve.
Ye spectacle to descry:the cleansing of thine
squalid structure dilapidated,
which greeted lemes frae the dragon of darkness.
Whence to swith the steyest brae to elude thou fley'd clachan.

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        10-19-2013     Rachel Brown        

I'm very impressed with the language
my dear friend I've never seen old English written that way in my life. Its refreshing knowing that some still write poetry about dragons and mid-evil times its an impressive piece. Well done
I've been writing poetry for years but never have i read anything quite as interesting as this. Keep writing and I'll read on.
Thanks for sharing .
R . B .

        01-24-2012     Eric Siedzikowski        


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