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Our World Divine

by synclaire232
copyright 11-26-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

Our World Divine

World divine,
Oh so divine.
Young lives strive
Through a path of deceit.
Raped, butchered,
By corporate, contracts,
Unforgiving and relentless.
Currency, money, payments and bills,
All starving eyes,
Staring hungrily at our innocence.
Sadistic, unrelenting,
They crave for more.
Sign here, a contract,
The devil's curse.
It's good, they say,
A forbidden fruit.
Bite, and taste,
The bitterness of reality.
Eyes wide open,
Oh world divine.
Sin, and greed,
No forgiveness or compassion,
Divine World warped,
From personal greed.
Money, Gold,
All of importance,
Of what importance?
Young, naive,
Hawks to those victimized
Is this our future?
Our world, Divine,
Full of greedy, hungry eyes,
What of the children?
Will they be victimized too?
The world, it's round
Oh our World Divine.
Full of sin, and greed,
Our youthful naivety disappears.
No rights for humanity,
No rights for our young,
Nothing but an illusion
Of freedom.
Oh World Divine,
You have become nothing,
But an unrelenting sin.

The greed of humanity.

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