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A Resolution

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 12-28-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

A Resolution

More wisdom sprinkled on my shoulder
Another year wiser, and much older
This, I quote, New Years will bring
Besides a midnight party fling

ABC news will catch you up
On all the shootings and corrupt
Unpleasant wars, some of the worst
And all the bills come due the first

If I had a resolution
It would be a big solution
I have none that I would keep
I resolve them as I sleep

I am just thankful I am still healthy
In my heart I feel quite wealthy
If it matters, I write, you hear
I wish you the best this New Year

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        01-08-2010     Jordan Screws        

Heh heh... not bad. Too bad not everyone can solve their problems that easily. I gave up on resolutions back in 2006, a hallmark year in my life. I started college at my current institution, my family situation changed, and more stuff. After the principal bad event in my life, I gave up on New Year's resolutions and started what seemed like a slow march towards death.

In a way, my problems were resolved as I slept. Three years later, everything is back almost almost as it was. But enough about me. The biggest draw to me is the section on being healthy; if you are healthy physically and mentally, you have a decent chance of achieving a lot in life. If you have nothing else in the world, good health counts for a lot.

You have a way with expressing gratitude for the simple things in life. This attitude shows in your various works and shines through as the defining aspect of this one. Far too many people worry about getting vast material wealth before appreciating what they have already. I used to be the same way until last summer. Good work.

        12-30-2009     June Nazarian        

Mae - I love this, it is just so cute and well-constructed, and of course the message is universal. Resolutions every year but to be thankful for good health is all that matters. Happy New Year, Mae..........June

        12-30-2009     Susan Brown        

Hello Mae,
You should sell this one to Hallmark. It has just the right amount of sediment. Resolving issues in your sleep added a smile to my face. Happy New Year!

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