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Megan Meier, Dealing with Murder and Attempted Murder

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 01-13-2010

Age Rating: 18 +

My last two articles have dealt with the psychopaths at LiveJournal who are stalking and harassing me. A similar thing happened to Megan Meier. Megan, 13 was Cyer-bullied by a 40 year old woman posing to be a 16 year old lad named "Josh" Megan Meier, Suicide Eventually "Josh" encouraged Megan to kill herself, which she did by hanging herself. The saddest part of this story is that the woman got away scot-free. All charges were eventually dropped. Megan Meier, Charges Dropped Megan's parents have lost their daughter, will never see her again, while the party responsible gets to walk, scot-free.

The first amendment, the right to free speech was never meant to be used as a murder weapon. "With rights, come responsibilities."

The present group of psychopaths at LiveJournal are trying to do the very same thing with me. They say that it is totally different. In many ways it is. Megan was bullied by one person, The live journal mob numbers 64 at the moment; Megan was 13, I am 63 and mentally disabled. The LiveJournal people claim, like Megan's antagonist, that they are only exercising their first amendment rights and they are just poking fun... the same sort of fun that killed Megan. Megan was bullied by one woman. I am being bullied and stalked by 64 people at last count. It is clear that their intent is the same, to kill me if possible. These people know I have MDD (Major Depression Disorder) which causes a person to be very susceptible to suicide, yet they continue to harass, stalk and bully me. To me it is clear their intent is to do their very best to force me to commit suicide.

Why? Who knows? I have never spoke, IM's or talked to these people in forums or in any other manner whatsoever. I guess it's just cool, like a bunch of grad-schoolers, to try to do as much harm as you possibly can to another person, up to and including killing them if you can manage that.

There is a bill in congress now being sponsored by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez of California. I encourage you to contact you senators and congressman and add your support to this bill. While the bill says that 54% or children are treated by professionals for cyber-bullying, it presently ignores the fact that 46% of the victims are adults, like myself, who are also cyber-bullied. Unfortunately it is presently worded to only protect minors. I have written my congressmen and senators and asked them to add wording so that the bill will protect the other 46% who are adults, or that at the very least, that mental patients enjoy protection under the law Mental patients are every bit as elpless as young children.

Please add your support to the Megan Meier Bill and ask your congressman and Senator to extend protections to adults... at the very least to mental patients who are every bit as vulnerable as children.

You can find your Congressman here: Congressman
You can find your Senator here: Senators

Thank you.... I'm sure Megan's parents would also Thank you.


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