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Salt-Sea Woman

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 01-24-2010

Age Rating: 7 +
Salt-Sea Woman

From home-fires burning
I see strands of white smoke rising
twisting, curling, drifting

Late afternoon exhales its chilly air
Damp orange horizon bathed in snowy ice
warmth is but a step away

Crackling logs provide a welcoming sight
as I walk into the den
Merry flames renew cold hands and feet

Next to the couch are my bookcase friends
each one beckons and calls
I settle on one and open the page

'The eternal sea is unfettered
unrelenting, bright and free
its untraceable current sleekly sweeping by

Her glorious waves share their passing dreams
in ebbing spires of salty foam
a feverish rush to tell tall tales

Fog-inspired islands, sirens are calling
rubies and gold are buried right here
black-hearted pirates beguiled once again

T'is the mariner's quest to love the sea
that no landlocked man can fathom
and no human plans can change'

But I'm a Salt-Sea woman
spit out of a typhoon storm
who understands her surging needs

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        04-22-2011     Alan Reed        

A work that ebbs and flows with the crackle of fire. I am so glad I found this. Your bookend friends are only part in what should be a considerable gaggle of groupies. A write covered in collegiate froth and fervent desire. Very captivating, starboard tight and ship captain staunch. - Alan

        01-26-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Nancy,
I've always liked sitting watching the fire logs burn on a cold snowy day outside. It gives me such a warm feeling inside, just watching the flames and smoke. Your poem cheered me up and gave me warm thoughts. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing it.....Mae

        01-26-2010     Frank Fields        

How good, this one!! Giving us at least two realities from which to choose, and more if we but look. Fortunate the man, I think, that has known the salt-sea woman, for none other can compare. And fortunate the woman, too, that she may find herself in land of wonder real.

So good! <3

Frank :)

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