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Back In Time

by Emily Valle (Age: 27)
copyright 03-22-2010

Age Rating: 4 +

If you could,

I wonder if you would.

Would you follow me to the beginning?

Before we came to the painful ending.

Before the sadness in your eyes,

Before you convinced me of your lies.

I'd like to hit rewind,

Before you changed your mind.

And stand before the boy I knew,

I'd tell him what you will do.

I would tell him what you will be,

And make you see what I now have to see.

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        04-01-2010     June Nazarian        

Hi Emily, wouldn't it be nice to have a time machine, to go back, change some things we have done, and be able to confront others as suggested in your fine poem. I wonder just how different people would be if they could see ahead, sometimes I think we are destined to repeat mistakes, but who knows. Looking ahead is the best way to cope. Very much enjoyed your clever poem. June

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