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by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 03-24-2010

Age Rating: 13 +

Faces with out names
Places and people
All quite insane
Lover and leader
The gang is all he knows
Dirt and blood that is how it goes

So what did you do in the war
Livid as hell
Did you score
Climb the hill
How many how many did you kill
Plant the flag

So what is the prize
Little or nothing to devise
A cusped of dream
Master of nothing
Dead to the cream
As the ax has its will
Trouble and tailor
What did we kill
She stood at the tower in grace and face
With a sharp blade her head was erased
And I wonder from fear and tear
Which was the writer
Was it clear
Fairy tale given birth
Story for old
What was it worth
A goat gruff as the same
Some stupid little man seeking a name
She cries in my arms
A faint little scream
Just another bad dream

City streets dressed in blood
A new member of the hood
Faces and traces the same
Hot new dollies with out names
I claim her body
Pay the cost
Another friend lost

On the pulpit I stand
Look out at those who will never understand
Count the faces in tears
Wonder out load
What am I doing here

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        04-12-2010     Raja Sharma        

Wonder out load
What am I doing here

A classicist like you can only understand how the images can be made to dance and compel the readers to avoid simply reading your poems, instead, to minutely scrutinize every word, every image, and every vision that you create,Sir.

You are doing your part as a master and in the process inspiring many to ponder before writing the lines which only end up to be rhyming musical noise of commonplace.


God bless you


        04-02-2010     Alan Reed        

We are here wishing to feel like what we will do will be meaningful -- that the legacy left by the past turns to future synergies. Good or bad, who is our barrister ?? - nobody but ourselves really. Why are we here and why are you there? What have you done and what will you do? Paint it now and never let it stop. For others certainly will talk about it.

        03-28-2010     Cynthia Baello        

I find this very deeply profound, particularly now that almost all people all over the world show faces of emptied hope and anguished pain. Your lines flow like video shots of a thousand facial expressions, and with your writer's sensitivity you make the reader "feel" the emotions painted fleetingly in these words. Remarkable piece of writing and amazing impact it gives as one masterful tapestry of humanity.

        03-25-2010     Susan Brown        

Whatever are we doing here? Seems like we all take turns asking that personal question, block after surmounting block, "wondering out load" when climbing up and down our lines of life. I love the title, feel the cracks in the sidewalk, see the faces all the more vividly after reading this piece. Your writing speaks to the young as clearly as the old. I appreciate how you connect us all together, like dots on a paper, near and far.

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