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Little desire of all

by Aurélio Osório Aquino de Gusmão
copyright 11-08-2001

Age Rating: 4 +

I desire the night
with all force of my fears
for to consume my right
of being here

and of the feelings that I could
I will live a hour so timeless
and of those that I couldn’t
I will abuse of my happiness

Then, words would be flags in my arms
and I could still my fears
in the shy night of the space
Between my brain and my tears

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        09-04-2005     Anna Tkachenko        

Wow this is great poem i enjoined it really, if you have some free time, read please my first chapter of my first story "Duty and love", i would love to hear your opinion about it. Thank you for reading this comment. 5 points for great work.

        08-09-2005     Debra Rose        

CONGRATULATIONS Aurélio! Your work "Little Desire of All" is one of the winners under Hidden Treasures in Choices of the Week!

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        08-09-2005     Debra Rose        

I will live a hour so timeless
should be
"I will live an hour so timeless".

I can't believe there aren't any comments on this work. I wish you would come back and write more. You have such a talent, and this work illustrates that completely. I was sucked in at the very beginning.

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