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A Stranger I Once Knew

by Emily Valle (Age: 27)
copyright 05-05-2010

Age Rating: 7 +

Out of all the strangers I ever knew,
The one I thought I understood the best was you.

Even the things you thought, on which at first I didn't agree,
Somehow standing in your shoes, your thoughts made sense to me.

You asked questions and I would answer before you had asked,
I knew of your feelings, of both the present and the past.

I was the only one that you let see you cry,
I was the only one you took the time to explain why.

Explain why you were angry, and why you were sad,
Because I just listened, with me you didn't feel bad.

I know that much was real, you told me so.
But still for some reason, you decided to go.

You remained a stranger to me, but I was unaware,
You had been hiding things from me, the real you wasn't there.

Out of all the strangers I ever knew,
The one that I loved the most was you.

You were someone I loved, and I loved every piece of you,
But now you've become...a stranger I once knew.

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        05-27-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This was an excellent representation of a very unique relationship. It reminds me a bit of a song called "Perfect Strangers" by an old group called The Kinks. XD Nevertheless, good work here! The ending stanza was especially eye catching.

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        05-26-2010     Frank Fields        

You have a gift for a unique style that presents some of the most powerful emotions we have, but in a manner that is meaningful by itself. No "bells and whistles," as it were, but still very good writing and equally good reading. To the point of being overwhelmed. That is a powerful gift. ^^

Frank :)

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