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My Pen and I

by Frank Fields
copyright 05-20-2010

Age Rating: 10 +
My Pen and I
Picture Credits: Artist, Alan Gutierrez

My Pen and I
Are not good friends.

I let it go,
It slipped away
Silent lover in the night.

Nay, stay, don't go
I cried.
But I must, I cannot stay
She sobbed.

So there I stood
Forlorn lover sad
Awaiting her return.

And here I stand
Still, to this day and night
Awaiting her return

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        04-08-2014     Walter Jones        

..And it was said Poe's well went dry nd he wrote in his own blood, the quill of life moves in time with reality, writers stop and believe, special the lot, never realy lost just waiting in the shade waiting return of heart and soul, it is the partnership of pen and hand, sometimes one moves one way and the other nother drink in hand, toast the pen and you.. Walt

        02-15-2011     Emily Garwood        

Idon't know why might just be my funny mood but it's like you made a poem out of writers block i like to think that without my pen (obviously my mind) i can't write lol But this is me in my funny mood its a lovely poem short but sweet and you never fail to say more than enough in a short reading time very nice picture too work leaves loads to the imagination!!

        06-03-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Frank,
I enjoyed reading My Pen and I. Great format and words of great imagination. I gathered it was a pen pal you wrote to that sort of faded away like many things do. Great picture for the poem, also. One of your best poems in my book of excellent works. Beautiful! MAE

        05-29-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Very nice! I really like the concept here, and I think it's the sort of feeling many writers can relate to. The poem was rather short, but you did an excellent job of saying all that needed to be said in just a few lines. Good work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        05-27-2010     Frank Fields        

BrytEyz ^^

It is said (somewhere, I'm sure) that nothing is ever really lost. Some things just seem to lose their way for a bit, but like the lucky stone that was one day gone from drawer's hiding place, if it truly belonged, then it returns. Always.

Frank :)

        05-26-2010     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

His Salty Pen, Lost At Sea

I went for a stroll to sort my thoughts
and think of things I'd long forgot
When I saw a rather somber man
Walking ambly in time's lonely sand

Unable to bear love's unrequited price
He looked up sadly once or twice
Priceless in value, and extreme in cost
He seemed to seek this thing he lost

The mist of sea washed over him
And for a moment I thought he grinned
He felt her there with him again
Fermenting the ocean, his salty pen

        05-23-2010     Frank Fields        


Thank you! More than you may know, my thanks. ^^

Frank :)

        05-22-2010     Susan Brown        

Beach Dialing
"thoughts on combing"

awaiting her return,
his mind wandered
the sands of time
kept toll of the days

awaiting her return,
his friends listened
for the voice of the salty pen-

now sailing
in a far away silent

his wave remains

combing out: to roll and break


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