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by phantomwrays (Age: 25)
copyright 05-26-2010

Age Rating: 4 +

A moment caught.

A person defined.

Their moods, their thoughts,

In the blink of an eye.

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        06-11-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Phantomwrays

so simple, so sweet. Yes a photo does get the moments. Sometimes they are the moments we don't want to see of ourselves but still laugh anyways. Thank you for sharing your writing.

        05-21-2012     Jeff Holt        

This poem is like the click of the camera shutter, yet...captures an image. Good Job.

        12-27-2010     Elijah Sowder        

Short, but sweet. Truly captures that moment a photo is snapped of someone or of something in action being frozen for all time. You of all people realise too the significance of a picture. Great piece Tory, keep it up!

        09-06-2010     Amanda Moore        

Being an amateur photographer this was of particular interest to me. A person defined, so true. You have truly captured the essence of the camera.I also enjoyed the rhythm, many short poems have none but this one is great!

        06-30-2010     Susan Brown        

The essence of the snapshot. This left me wondering, how many secrets can one camera shutter (freeze frame) hold? Pictures do capture our living moments. I found your words "interesting" to ponder. Next I found myself wishing this was much longer with even more detail.

        06-23-2010     Lauren Turner        

I was really surprised at how short this poem was, but I believe it captures what a photo is, in essence. And in so few words to boot. I really like this poem, as an amateur photographer. C:

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