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My Dreams Are Still Alone

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 05-29-2010

Age Rating: 7 +
My Dreams Are Still Alone
Picture Credits: Personal Collection

I saw you out the window
When you moved in across the street

Oh how I wished that somehow
The two of us could meet

I watched you come and go each day
I hungered for your words

Fantasizing what you would say
If we became love birds

One day I walked across the road
To feel two vibes real close

Dreaming your arms were holding me
And I was the one you chose

But then your house door opened up
And a lady dressed in red

Came out side with her coffee cup
And kissed you on the head

She said, “hi honey, glad your back
Our daughter’s coming home”

My longing heart began to crack
And my dreams are still alone

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        08-15-2010     Emily Valle        

This shows how a lot of the love we can feel for someone is what we imagine in our minds. It's something surly to be careful of! But it seems to be unavoidable. :)
Great story, the picture went well.

        06-02-2010     phantomwrays        

It's interesting how you can fall in love with someone you have never even met. But you really described such a complicated story so well in just a few lines. Good job.

        05-31-2010     Regina Pate        

Well that's about how I felt for most part of my life. I know I shouldn't say this but at least I'm am not alone. So now you know you are in good company I hope. Maybe we should stop dreaming of what he would be like if he liked us. Instead we should wonder something better. I wonder who is dreaming of us. Maybe their is someone out there who read this poem and realized their dream was crushed. Who knows sounds good. Hey we may have to dream alone but nobody said we had to dream the worst! It's still our dream,great write, good job, thanks,

Regina Pate

        05-31-2010     Susan Brown        

Good morning comes to my mind, to speak. Nothing like a walk down reality street, to bring one back to earth. I suppose this is truly about emotion, but I love the way it reads like an on going- drama. The lady in red holds more than the coffee mug. She steams/reeks of power. Interesting!

        05-30-2010     Frank Fields        

The image! One of my most favorite anime characters, ever. Is Asuka, of course. The same character as on my author's page.

The poem! Started off with a pablum progression of some love cliches. Until the ending! Visions of forbidden love and heartbreak at not being able to fulfill that dream.

The other complications which you let us glimpse, I'll let other readers find those for themselves.

Very, very nicely done.

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