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Sarah, Mine

by Frank Fields
copyright 06-06-2010

Age Rating: 7 +
Sarah, Mine
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If one speaks but gently
And listens with the mind
Open up your heart and soul

A vision will appear

Of love or hate or laughter
Of song or stars or gods
Of time or dance or sorrow

Her name is Sarah

And she is mine alone
Gifted by the gods
My Muse to forever be

Your Muse awaits you also

Among the Nine, one will
Always be there for you
But if your need be great

Apollo or even Zeus

May in their own way
Gift unto you your Muse
To be with you forever

That with her gifts

Through you, your own
Knowledge will be found
In humility and trust

To let the teachers Nine

Give their knowledge
That yours will find
The nurturing gift

Love to share.


Author's Note
With thoughts of Bryt Eyz

This is a variation of My Muse

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        07-20-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Your vision appears of beauty of perfection in form, under the full moonlight of stars and wavelet white clouds. Cultured to your poem of love, hate or laughter. A most intriguingly poem
of imagination.

        06-24-2010     Frank Fields        

I am well-humbled by compliment such as that, Good Walt. Especially since I think your Muse found you long before mine found me.

Thank you is not enough, but for the nonce....

Frank :)

        06-23-2010     Walter Jones        

I have gathered the bits and pieces of my life, rolled them in words, placed carefully for my muse to find, may she smile on me, as yours has you...Walt

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