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Inerasable Sin

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 06-30-2010

Age Rating: 10 +

~Poetry Commission~

What could be more fleeting than human life?
Perhaps only the capricious joy we all feel
It's fated to be extinguished by reality
These words have been said for so many years
But before you turn away,
Listen to what I have to say
For this somber tale isn't like one you have felt

People continue walking
For even reasons they do not know
They set themselves upon goals
And blindly march forward in disregard to their mortality

I've watched it so many times
The agony of the mortal cycle
They live and they die in the blink of an eye
They still manage to leave a mark upon their human world
Even though I could easily count their days of life

As the cruel hands of fate ordained,
The same could be said about you, my beloved
The taste of your blood remains on my lips
Even as I watched your mortal family grieve
I observed from afar, never nearing the grave until they were gone

For even when the cold wind blows with sorrow,
No one wants to see the face of an immortal
The memories of when you walked with me are too vivid
The time was fleeting, short enough to be forgotten
By a being like me

Out of all the faces I have seen,
Out of all the blood I have drank,
My mind can't be free of you

Like any other human, you disappeared too soon
But such is the futility of traversing the line
That separates vampires from mankind

We do not grieve in the same way, and tears are unforgivable
We simply continue walking
Away from reality, struggling against the shackles of fate

Yet I still fell into the familiar trap
The warnings didn't matter when we first met
And the regrets I harbor as I leave your side
Can never bring the dead back to life

This is the punishment for both you and me
I finally walk away,
Though I can still here you say,
"Even if this is a forbidden sin, I will always love you..."

The unchanging will of fatality has no heart
It decides when we meet, and sets the day we depart

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        12-30-2010     Wayne Thomas        

Don't know if there really are such soulless demons among us. I certainly hope not. With that said, this is simply a grand poem. In beautiful,controlled free verse, you get your theme across in bare bones writing. No hackneyed phrases, no sentimental slop,just simple, razor sharp writing. There's always room to improve, and there are a few spelling errors, but that's nit-picking. I'm not totally sure but I think this might go better with proper punctuation.
Love it, young friend. Here's to you!

        07-26-2010     synclaire232        

Ohhh, vamp poetry lol. It's pretty good, you've also improved on your word choices which is pretty admirable since I rarely expanded mine the past couple of errr years, I believe haha. When I was younger I always imagined what it would be like to be a vampire, I guess you can say this explains what it can be like. It would still be pretty interesting though. About vamparic existence, I've always wondered if they're real. I guess there are legit arguments on how they don't, though. Lol, good write. Thanks for sharing.

        07-21-2010     Walter Jones        

images play bob and weave, timing. marks in voice, clever, yet holding back, draw in words, close to picture mat, spread the canvas a bit more, the tapers well done..Walt

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