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I Knew a Boy

by Amanda Zurenda (Age: 25)
copyright 07-15-2010

Age Rating: 13 +

I know a boy, he brought life to this girl.
Because of him, I found beauty and saw it everywhere in the world.

He brought me to new heights that can seldom be reached.
I was lost in the stars, forgetting all underneath.

But then he dropped me, he returned to the past.
I caught myself on a star, I don't want to fall, I will surely crash.

This star I hold burns me, but I still wish upon it desperately.
I wish for the boy to return, maybe he will catch me.

But as we know, I am weak and I eventually release the star.
I fall from so high, out of the sky, I hit the ground so hard.

Yet somehow I survive, though I wish the fall were fatal.
My unknown strength is inconvenient, and I am so ungrateful.

My body is broken, paralyzed, I'm speechless and lost.
I then see clearly the cruelty of survival and its cost.

My perception is changed, darkness has invaded.
You've stolen the color from my world, and I've become so jaded.

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        09-14-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Amanda,
It is so nice to meet someone, so easy to fall and so hurtful to hit. To survive gives us strength and helps us to be able to conquer our feelings better the next time around. Liked your choice of words and I can tell it's from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

        01-28-2011     Elijah Sowder        

Wow, this really is good, I especially liked the part where you said "My body is broken, paralyzed, I'm speechless and lost. I then see clearly the cruelty of survival and its cost," since after a fall like that, most of us would rather be dead than to endure such terrible heart-wrenching pain.

        01-21-2011     Mylinda Rives        

"I Knew A Boy."
I like the way the poem compares "you" or "this girl" to a star. Falling as a star is counter to the lines "I caught myself on a star and it burns me. This connects with "but I still wish upon it." Your eventual falling and crash is you falling out of love when the boy had already done so. Your perspective on love, its brightness have dimmed your eyes. Lovely poem.

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