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Majestic Migrated Monarchs

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 11-16-2010

Age Rating: 4 +
Majestic Migrated Monarchs
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As gentle breezes, combs the air
Monarchs in color canít compare
Migrated butterflies so fair
Playing tag with touch and care

Watching close, as beauties hurled
In this wondrous gigantic world
Gentle light wind, spiral whorled
Monarchs kissing closely curled

Edged with colors of orange so bright
Black weaved throughout spots of white
Jointed legs, four long, two short
Enjoying their insect action sport

Feeds upon the milkweed tree
Poisonous danger they can be
Majestic sights you want so much
Look and praise, but do not touch

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        12-20-2013     Robert Betts        

Actually milkweed is edible:
It does contain a mild poison which the monarch butterfly concentrates. The monarch butterfly is thus poisonous but only causes a sickness in birds that dare eat them. The bird survives but remembers. The victory butterfly mimics the color of the monarch but it is not poisonous. In reasonable quantities the poison is not harmful to people and dissolves in the water used to cook the milkweed.

        12-20-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Mae,

Majestic Migrating Monarchs,

When my daughter was ten she found a monarch floating lifeless in the swimming pool, it looked real dead to me, but when she put it on the lawn chair in the sun and dried it out, it came back to life and flew away. That is the only time I can recollect my daughter being a Life Guard.

I learned something new from your nature poem Mae; I never knew milkweed was poisonous, we had it all over the farm, but I was never enticed to pick and eat any, lucky me. A Great poem, not only a pleasurable read, but educational to boot. God Bless You Mae.

        01-27-2011     Shoshana Burda        

I really like the images that your words paint. It's very vivid and uses good detail. you utilize your rhyme scheme very well. The rhyme dances across the tongue and into the ears much the way a butterfly does.

Wonderfully well written. Congratulations.

        12-25-2010     Mylinda Rives        

The picture with butterfly meeting nose is nicely done, it relates to the poem very well.
This is a exquisite writing and it is exotic too.
The rhyming skills are excellent and they interconnect. I like the warning in the poem of milkweed, its poisonous to man but not butterflies. Nice work.

        12-01-2010     Jack Curson        

Viewing the marvelous butterfly is a tremendously beautiful thing, sometimes their gentle nature can trap you in a gaze. Thank you for sharing.

        11-20-2010     Raja Sharma        

The poem has a very pleasant and gentle tone! It is like zephyr whispering in ears! It took me to a world beyond.

A marvelous attempt!

God bless you

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