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The Unexpected

by Queency Delena
copyright 12-21-2010

Age Rating: 13 +
The Unexpected

"It's been 5 years since I last saw my best friend Ken...He had moved to New York a month later after...,after I was dumped by my ex-boy friend Freddy TT^TT...I admit it...I surely had feelings for him....but I can't tell it to him...I can't confess....because, what if he don't have the same might brake our friendship...I regretted what I had done...I'm still haunted by my regrets...If only I had admit it earlier,..I wonder what will happen..."

December 2

Lita's POV

Gotta go at Raye's A.S.A.P or she'll kill me!

I ran fast as I could to arrive on time, but when I ran past the corner..."THUD!"..I ran into someone..."OUCH!" I said as my butt hit the ground...As the guy helped me up..Our eyes locked...There's a strange connection that I can feel with him around...When I snapped out of this feelings,.another one of my crazy thoughts came.."Wow!..He's a major cute hunk!!He'll be a great boyfriend!!"

He apologized while I'm still in a daze so it took me seconds to answer."uh...oh! No, it's my fault..really, sorry!!"..I glance at my watch and said "Sorry again, need to hurry now! bye!" in a rush.

As I ran off to Raye's, I noticed that the cute guy is staring at me! I just grinned on the thought..

November 30

Ken's POV

"Ken!!" I heard my mom called from the living room. I hurriedly got out of my room and ask.."What's the matter mom?.."

to be continued...

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