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Ellie, I Miss You

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 01-02-2011

Age Rating: 10 +

Ellie, that morning when the rain fell down,
you smiled and kissed my cheek,
Grabbed your coat from the wooden rack
And dashed out toward the street
Where the lightning flashed and the thunder roared
And fog--I could barely see
Till I saw you on the sidewalk lying much too still
And I dialed emergency.

Ellie, I was there when the ambulance came
And they told me you were gone
Then the sky fell down to the cold wet ground
And I knew from that moment on
When the lightning flashed and the thunder roared
I'd see you lying there
And if I could I'd bring you back
But I'm left with just a prayer.

Now, Ellie, there's a brown stone by your head
And some cool green grass at your feet
And cards and flowers on the earth between
So the two should never meet.
I sat and read you a poem you liked
And I sang you that song we wrote
Then I left you a dozen blood red roses
In a vase with a little note.

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        02-12-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very beautiful poem...Your poem reminds me of when my dad passed away 8 years ago from cancer and the doctors said he would live another five years and we were shocked when he died three weeks later..very devastating. Then my 27 year old nephew Chris passed away from leukemia after they told us he was doing very well after his transplant.

        03-17-2011     Frank Fields        

This work touches so closely to being supernatural, it's almost unreal. The feeling, not the events. This took some courage to set forth, Wayne, and I appreciate being allowed to share.

Frank :)

        03-16-2011     BJ Niktabe        

This poem is so touching, and so sad. I felt the loss of a loved one, felt the heartache and loneliness. An excellent write, I'm so glad I stopped to read it. The rhymes and rhythm, nice work! I would give 5 points, but only have 2 at the moment, and would not want to bring down your average on this poem. I'll be back.... ;)

        01-10-2011     Susan Brown        

Hello Wayne,
The last two lines in this love story sweeps (steals) a persons heart. Lovely ending to a new beginning. Very visual/stirring this picture paints, for us all to feel, and see. Bueno.

        01-08-2011     Mylinda Rives        

"Ellie, I Miss You" is a wonderful poem.
I like your flow of words too, particularly "Then the sky fell down to the cold wet ground."
Well done.
Its read like a story.

        01-06-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

That was Just Great, Wayne!
Now that to me was one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. I would like to add that to my favorites. That was true poetry in my eye sight. I loved your poem about Ellie. You are great. Always, Mae

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