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For Love Of Children

by Mylinda Rives
copyright 02-03-2011

Age Rating: 13 +

Psychedelics enters my room,
uncovering strobe lighting moon
before waterfalls splash up sink.
I was full of spirit, having design on final dress form
as I prepare to clean baby cloth soiled
by those stupid mangy cats.
I am not looking at pink nor blue but yellow for you.

Clothes hang loosely as waves of nausea try to upset me.
When it is dark I see the big picture,
wincing at "feed me" commercials,
eating too much and waking up with Doritoes in my mouth.

I exercised running shoe where kids in the hall ran the mall.
Children throng around me before being schooled,
not to be fooled by strangers.
They rolled in cardboard boxes dumped out back
far from home even though a yell of get outta of there
and git home, that is the place you otta be is ignored.

After putting away drip dry dresses tumbling wind,
faded sun streaks move again over youngest following me,
peeking at hanky breeze, shy in fumbling
apron hiding face of his when five going on nine shadows
race across the yard.

Children get their calling to come home
where look of despair is everywhere
because of yard sale gone bad.
Walked in shoes and the don't sit there chairs
are left behind since their flabby posterior
don't sit well with others.

Meows I hear while petting nine lives of cats
nudging sideway kiss, purr.....fectly
being momentarily lost in bliss.....
kneading my knits.
They have a hissy fit over another hussy cat when they got milk.
Beautiful fire burns stirring chips of wood
as we kiss each other, having a Walton's family good night.


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