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by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 04-14-2011

Age Rating: 13 +
Picture Credits: http://

Faint away Ry Cooder
as the candle flame danced
reddish green and the wick crackled

Cassiopeia together
through the night screen
crooned Diana Krall
and a dying moon

three little birds perched at the
hoping to join in,
their warble a suitable fit

arthropods of every shape
and watercolor
tangoed past the wick 
as if ordered
by some higher authority

stinging pain carom off the
right side of my heart
get lost

fall asleep
earlier than smoking the wicker

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        04-21-2011     Frank Fields        

Sometimes the words just come out. Seemingly unconnected, or perhaps with the author being the only one capable of assigning meaning and so on. Regardless, the writer sees them flow, hears their call, and sets them down obeying a higher calling than mundane scholasticism. True artistry, that. Well done. ^^

Frank :)

        04-21-2011     Lyle Berry        

This poem has a purity of form and innocence of expression that moves the reader to experience the words, rather than just read and translate into meanings. The words are beyond that. Reminds me of oriental forms, such as the sedoka or the haiku, with an economy of words, but a beauty where less is infinitely more. I experienced your words and it was a wonderful trip.

        04-15-2011     Raja Sharma        

The diction fully justifies the title and that is the most striking feature that I noticed first, however, with every passing line, I felt that this poetic dance of the celestail bodies that you have strenously illustrated here is not only praiseworthy but also remarkably unique in stylistic features.

God bless you

left curlique right curlique
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