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Stolen Underwear

by Elijah Sowder (Age: 25)
copyright 04-18-2011

Age Rating: 10 +

A bit on the strange side, but that's me,

Upside down, eating tasty tacos,

While hanging from a tall, leafy tree,

A little sad 'cos my underwear's lost.

You probably think I'm really weird,

Especially griping about underwear too,

Lost in my own strange little world,

Yellin' at the monkeys at the zoo.

They stole my underwear, I'm sure,

Don't ask me how, it's a long story,

Helpful tip though, don't give 'em tours,

Then leave them while you go pee.

Anyways, I digress, so I apologise,

I just feel like talking about tacos,

Or monkeys, but you don't I realise,

It's ok, I know I'm stranger than most.

Let's talk about something else then.

Have you heard about evil potatoes??

The spuds are out to get us all again,

I'd fight, but they said to leave it to pros.

They're fashioning some kind of slingshot,

*Whoosh* Watch out for flying potatoes!

Hmm, that sling, it seems familiar a lot,

Wait! They used my undies the monkeys stole!

Just figured it all out now, we're doomed,

Monkeys and spuds have joined together,

Never thought it'd be this bad I presumed,

All of this 'cos of my stolen underwear.

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        06-17-2011     Wayne Thomas        

Monkeys and spuds, huh? I had a poet friend back in college, very good writer but now and then came out with one of these amazing corkers. Somewhat sarcastic, some pure innocence, some a little of this, a taste of that and the soup came together. Now, I didn't notice (shame on me?)for some distracted reason, but did any of these airborn skivvies or thongs or whatnot get tossed onto the stage? I mean, was Tom Jones or Bruce Springsteen anywhere about? What an excellent ride! Thanks for the trip! Wayne

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