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Four Leaf Clover

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 04-19-2011

Age Rating: 10 +
Four Leaf Clover
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Thank you sunrise
and fresh young berry branches
for not shadowing
the slanting ray of light
that leapt upon
my plunder

Oh a prize
most of us only dream of

a simple, wonderful clover
of four leaves
so emerald in pigment
she oozed lightís energy
for photosynthesis

did she happen
just this morning
or was she there
right in front of my eyes
ever since the first grade?

it makes no difference now
but it could have,
by shaving those years of
if amity wasnít Godís
grandest rouse

we are together now
and that is all that matters
I love you Sandra Jean

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        03-04-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is a beautiful piece of work,
So beautiful one could only imagine such a beautiful find a four leaf clover could be in ones own garden.
I love this tapestry in general for all the imagery that it provokes in the entire work it has an effect on me which I love.
Keep up the excellent work Alan.
Keep Smiling and Keep Writing too ^_*.
-Rachel ^_^

        05-15-2011     Walter Jones        

We live we die, in the middle we find the joy and pain, a child runs wild with us, escape to when, and then like the wind it passes, the poet lives, to bring more in words, touch a soul and remember why.. Walt

        04-23-2011     Raja Sharma        

I wish I had a Sandra to infuse inspiration, thus enabling me to at least venture to aspire to be in the shadows of the heights of poetic aestheticism that you have touched, brother.

The opening made me think otherwise and I marvelled at the panaroma of the nature's mysteries which you revealed so gracefully, but when I was face to face with the concluding lines, I had nothing left but to marvel at your skills.

God bless you

        04-22-2011     Alan Reed        

The little kid imprisoned in this man's body is still trying to get out. I have found that with age and mounting emotional history, as well as practice at putting emotions on paper, one can hone her/his abilities to mix and match words so the senses can jump out at you from a piece of paper. It is akin to a jogger not wishing to stop while on that natural high that endorphins inspire after running past a certain physiological/emotional limit.

If you are right, Frank, maybe it's a zone that one enters when there is love in the air. I cherish the compliment.

        04-21-2011     Frank Fields        

Would that we all had a Sandra Jean, for whom to write such beautiful works. Also, your writings, as of the last few I've read, compared to your first here, are markedly different. More artistic, creative and inspirational if not inspired. ^^

Frank :)

        04-19-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Alan,
I have read your "Four Leaf Clover" story poem.
It is very well put together and very origional.
You took one favorite object and gave it a place of originality. That was very cleverly done. It would be much harder to put it to poetry(rhyming)in stead of a prose, but I like it very much. I find no flaws in this work and must rate you the best on the praise list. Mae

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