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Precious Priceless Love

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 05-02-2011

Age Rating: 10 +

(A Rondeau)

White golden highlights in your hair
These riches are beyond compare
A rock of love with each gold line
Holds forever, your love and mine
White golden highlights in your hair

I feel your smile that love displays
Worth millions, in these precious days
Your priceless smile makes your love shine
Precious priceless love

Countless heartbeats, worth more then gold
Hearts are richly growing old
Your golden heart, so real and fine
A thoughtful worth, your love and mine
Countless heartbeats, worth more then gold
Precious priceless love

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        05-09-2011     Frank Fields        

This is a very complicated effort--not only the form, which is difficult to master, but, also, the content. The content has that Romantic flavor which is always dear to my heart. The form I leave to those who count rhymes and lines. ^_~ A very nice job, Mae.

Frank :)

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