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I want, I'm going to have

by Rebecca Morgan (Age: 23)
copyright 05-17-2011

Age Rating: 16 +

When I die I donít wanna go to heaven, that is just a place Iím not ready to see.
Because when I die I want to be a shooting star.
I wanna walk along Oí Ryanís belt, and feel the
gravitational pull as I get closer to Earth.
I want to play golf on the moon, I want to walk
around bear foot on the milky way.
I want to fly off in to other galaxies, and touch pluto while Iím at it.
But you know what? Iím gonna be the mid night hour, so every time
you look up into the sky you will see my smile.
I have yet to reach this goal so right now, right now Iím going to
live life.
Iím gonna be so full of life that I canít stand it. And others around me, there going to be jelouse because I am going to be more then just a speck of dust on the crust of this Earth. I want to be more then just a face in the crowed. Iím going to be different.
So when God and his angels looks down at this world they will see that I am not yet ready
to leave this realm behind.
They will say ďFare wellĒ as I cross that sea. And, ďGood luckĒ as I climb that mountain.
And when Iím ready to leave this world behind I will have accomplished all my dreams, and triumphed over all my fears.

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