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Will Of Notes

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 06-12-2011

Age Rating: 10 +

So the floods of lights

Empty stage fright

As the voice begins to practice

Love it stays upon the cage

Willing chains of mage

Cry to a child’s hallelujah

Cup in hand

Blind the truth

Crippled the man

Coins of hallelujah

Come my friends lets chase the floor

With voices we adore

As music takes the more

A try place for hallelujah

Humbler now

As soft the flow

Grow magic before you

Leap the stage

Count the page

Oft we wage hallelujah

On the throne

My how she has grown

A voice a pure tear


In mist I see

Yonder keeping

A whispered cry


So in dreams she comes

Memories we run

Ah yes the fun

A perfect


So the floods of lights

Empty stage fright

As the voice begins to practice

Words of hallelujah

Pastor stands before the grave

So many left to save

As the choir sings

Her hallelujah

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        06-28-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

The hallelujah is used in expression of praise, joy or thanks. I see the child as it grows giving thanks through life with many voices of love that is adored. Expressions of truth and love applied to the man as he grows, and loved by many. Kind words said about him as he lay dying on the floor. I see him at his resting place where praises of music and many hallelujahs, unto his journey from this world. A story poem with thought. Well done. Mae

        06-21-2011     Susan Brown        

Dancing arrives, early the step taps. I ponder the green long enough to feel the soft touch the grass leaves as a soothing reminder of how precious the tune really was. Notes recall the voice's vividly. Joy lives on with a word. Back I go for another read. See if I can count the shadows that stand watching in the distance?

        06-15-2011     Alan Reed        

The writer writes. While images and moist trinkets seep through the pores and trickle upwards from the brow, toward the wrinkles made both of smiles and a sadness, sideways past the temples to finally the nape. Surely this was written as it was read. On its back. And the choir sang.

        06-13-2011     Raja Sharma        


Words so piously laconically yet so eloquently ssy what volumes can't express.

Great works Sir,

God bless you

        06-13-2011     Frank Fields        

Obscure and hidden, seemingly, the true thoughts behind the words. Puts me in mind of "There was the veil through which we could not see...." Half-seen, half-heard, half-understood, the mind struggles to know the meaning when it may be right there, in front of.

Peace, my friend.

Frank :)

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