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Stealing The Moon

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 06-28-2011

Age Rating: 7 +
Stealing The Moon
Picture Credits: Personal Collection

I will steal the moon when sunset falls
With answers why, when heaven calls
There are no secrets, or blinding walls
It tells you that I love you

I will steal the moon that glows above
Our kiss will light the truth of love
Over the rainbow, now dreaming of
Our dreams that came true

Ours is the song that angelsí play
Under stars where night shades day
Sweet and loving, in every way
Cause angels like you are few

With hearts of love, our arms embrace
Stealing the moon from heavenís grace
As beams, reflect on your sweet face
It tells you that I love you

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        06-29-2011     Frank Fields        

Wonderful! And written with Love's own words. Many try, few succeed, but when they do, a gift of beauty and value is left. Thank you, Mae. ^^

Frank :)

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