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by Elijah Sowder (Age: 27)
copyright 07-25-2011

Age Rating: 7 +

Deprivation from the populace,
Non-existent to the technological,
Necessary, so small a device,
Yet in reality is quite trivial.

Social normalities utterly undone,
An entire world at your fingertips,
Everything with a push of a button,
But never a word to leave your lips.

Grammatical errors born inherent,
Plastic and glass bonded to flesh,
Inner demons never seen apparent,
Confusion of a multitude enmeshed.

Society progressively disappears,
Instead, an electric world emerges,
Face to face, a thing of yester-years,
Generations so rapidly diverges.

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        08-10-2011     Joshua Adam        

Very on the point.
Society is becoming more and more machine friendly. Technological advancements, while sometime achieving and providing human advancements in the areas of health and science, still cause less of a need of that human element for which life is all about. You have chosen an excellent issue to address.
A good write.
2bpositive, always.............

        08-03-2011     Frank Fields        

Perhaps. But, indeed, every major step among mankind's progress has been hailed by some as beneficial and others as damaging. Perhaps the single greatest danger which your work describes, and very well, is the speed by which knowledge cam be acquired, requiring the traditional 3 R's to be be re-formatted.

A nice presentation. Thank y0u. ^^

Frank :)

        08-03-2011     Mylinda Rives        

Our mechanical world is ever present.
Can't do without that cell phone.
But really did it all start with the calculator.
I like the poem, good writing.
The deprivation and desensitization is all to common in our world, what's next robot people.(LOL).

        07-26-2011     Alan Reed        

Insightful and contemplative. This smacks a bit of the Luddite movement in the UK during the industrial revolution. I like it. Reminds me of the short story I wrote entitled e-elena which I hope you will read, Elijah. No need to comment. Demonstrates logical thought and concern about technology and how it affects society. Your curiosity is cool. Maybe we should all be conscientious technophobes! :-) - Alan

        07-26-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Elijah,
How true of Society disappearing into rapid changes for the better. As you read in history, things have changed a lot and are still changing as we live. Good subject. Mae

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