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by Autumn Bartsch (Age: 32)
copyright 09-22-2011

Age Rating: 13 +

I never even
knew his name
we joined together
in an adult game
guilty feelings
mixed with shame
discreet meetings
were to blame

Discreet meetings
were to blame
guilty feelings
mixed with shame
we joined together
in an adult game
I never even
knew his name.

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        04-22-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Autumn
I really liked the flow of this writing.
I liked how you wrote it then wrote it backwards.
Your title inferred that the objection of this was "cheating" but if that were not the title would the reader still get that from what you wrote?
I know it says "adult game" and "didn't know his name" but there are many things that could imply.
Very well thought out.
Thank you for sharing with us.

        04-14-2013     theredrose        

This is clever!
When I read it it reminded me of the way in which we go over the same arguments to justify or make us feel better when we know we are wrong or have done something wrong. The lines of the argument remain the same but we process them over and over to see if we can get some absolution by viewing from different perspectives.
I have to say it is an excellent concept!

        10-28-2011     Alan Reed        

so clear, concise and probably true for us all. A tightly put together piece of flowing elegance. Beautiful if not sad and part of life. Thank you for sharing.- Alan

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