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by Mylinda Rives
copyright 09-24-2011

Age Rating: 16 +

She keeps her head above the water,

with headful of creola curls and plait of pearls,

swimming laps in  a pool of tears.

She is bald, bold and beautiful.

Clubbing days link us as a couple.

Fourth in line, I was drawn to studio aging 55

where a billboard shouts silence when you gave your sign.

Killing time, I was totally blind for another,

fogetting groping minds want to know about our affair.

Time is short like my temper and it is shocking when nibby neighbors get the finger,

they seem to have a hand in everything,

so we give it back to them.

Latest body tells it all, she's lithe with beautiful bedroom eyes

minus double hung breast plus sized.

Alluring looks sure look good on her even though cancerous flesh pierces my heart.

Accusing looks ask are you trying to loose yourself within caring looks fogetting other people's pity.

For a woman wrapped up in herself, in a mink, she's modeling joy with camera snaps,

flashing her life before me as I remember.

Then I got older, outgrowing her another day.


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