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Under 2 Minutes

by xmalx22 (Age: 25)
copyright 11-18-2011

Age Rating: 16 +

size up the sawdust 

from my crooked dreams

that well up in Massachusets


they call themselves "finger fringe"

they catch my hair and stare at my palms


ride my eyes as they crawl up from underneath the scab of my memoirs

crucify yourself and don't forget the whiskey schnapps

howl out sentiments of good humor and good nature


scam the seas and watch them spaz out

"God needs to apologize, the son of a bitch!"

i scatter your pride over my Frosted Flakes and devoyer the essence of cream and dread


sticky steam rises from the grass and tells you to

"Fuck off! Did you for get the mayo??"


i lie in a pool filled with sideways glances and clenched fists.

marry the blind photo and swing for a lie


thinly veiled accusastions spread their legs and say "Wanna bite?"


terror is the final touch

enjoy your cake...i hope the dirt is to your liking



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