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Shell Game

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 12-22-2011

Age Rating: 16 +

It is and was a moment

fingers cramp

mind shifts

age calls again
wandering heart
lover in view
birds sing

bar keep toss of dice

we leave the bottle
rented room
warm sheets

cup held close as the train moves
rubble of the rolling rails
paper bag passed
all is still

she smiles at the old fool
blows a kiss over the miles
time is and was

shall we dance
a last kiss for the organ
it pumps Christmas

Mary held the boy child
body protecting from cold
perfect love

one for the road jack
leave the bottle for
the Christ child

It was and is

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        08-12-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Walter,

The Shell Game,
I think itís won only by not playing,
I can never find that dam bean,
Are these the instructions?
Just kidding Walt,
Great poem, sort of like a Differential Equation, where one must unbundled X, to free it from the derivative,
Challenging indeed, but lots of fun to tackle,
Thanks for an enjoyable read,

        12-24-2011     Frank Fields        

There have been, perhaps, too many rooms with sheets, too many kisses across the miles and years, too many lonesome whistle calls in late moon night. Too many silent leavings never to return. In the silent night quiets a weeping flute does call, my soul and love to catch and hold forever. Good bar keep does always hold the final throw.

Frank :)

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