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Justice Denied

by kittykat88 (Age: 28)
copyright 12-27-2011

Age Rating: 13 +

Justice denied! Justice denied! Justice denied!
When love is a crime, then good men are tried
and the end is a sentence worse than death -
We live in times when the world went wild
loyalty and truth turned into a threat
And all we ever wanted, all we've ever done
All good in the world is gone
And our faults? Only that we failed -
that the power against our kin prevailed...

All we ever wanted, all we've ever done
Just a new excuse for them to have fun
They danced on our graves, then destroyed the markers
No safe little haven for our souls to run
Only the hearts of the few of our people
Those human enough to care and remember
Craving revenge! Craving revenge! Craving revenge!

Good men are tried when love is a crime
Just kill or chain us and all will be fine
Forget the promise, bury the pain
Silence whoever goes against the grain
And the quiet old man behind bars for peace
Will bear silent witness without release
Justice denied! Justice denied! Justice denied!
And the justice of the Allies reigns worldwide

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        01-29-2012     Jeff Holt        

I believe.. I see and can relate to the jest of this poem. However, I can understand how it could be a little opaque to some others. I do like it though.

        01-28-2012     Frank Fields        

Perhaps I should have read the information on your author's page, first. Regardless, things are done for their own reasons--writing and commentary on that writing. Your Olang looks like it is snuggled away in some very beautiful scenery.

        01-28-2012     Frank Fields        

Some powerful writing, here. But the total (on my part) confusion with the last line and resultant indecision against what or who your writing is directed makes it really difficult to give an objective review. Beyond what I just gave, of course.

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