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The Woodman's Call

by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 01-04-2012

Age Rating: 13 +



“Walk in this wood, and then your clear eye sees

the leafy spires and strange green light that’s made

from summer boughs of many brooding trees.

Your warm, alert flesh feels the cool, deep shade.


Softly the deer across your path will creep,

dappled as sunlight through the trees revealed,

and, as in fear, then suddenly she’ll leap

and in that dappled foliage be concealed.


Look up into the branches of that oak

and you will see the squirrel in her dray

-         far off you scent the Woodman’s wafting smoke.

We twain must meet ere you pursue your way.


A small bird sings – a chime of elfin bells.

A golden stream meanders where you roam.

Follow these signs, and where the curlew tells

his plaintive song, there you will find my home.



You are a loner, curious of mind;

I am the vision of your bright-eyed youth.

You are a lover, passionate and kind.

You trust that all will listen to our truth.


But I know well – encircling us about

are spirits in the crevices of grey,

and some of them are evil to the root,

and some are fair – but snare us in our way.”


A river god, he called to me when young.

Softly I tread within the halls of men.

I’ve learnt about the world – less well than some.

Where are the thoughts that I was thinking then?


“Far more than this, you sought to tell and find;

I was the vision of your bright-eyed youth.

Many are lovers, curious and kind

- and out of dappled dreams shall shine the truth.”


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        10-13-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Jacqueline,

The Woodmanís Call,

As you well know, hunting is a great passion of mine, but I also enjoy a nice brisk walk in the woods in the off season; Iíve camped, hiked and hunted in many places in many countries, but my two favorites were in the Cascades and the Sierra Nevadaís right here in the good old U.S. of A., I would like to return to them someday for a crack at a Bighorn, yes I think I hear the woodsman calling me and saying, after you retire, after you retire.

Although Iím not quite sure where your poem is going, I am sure itís not after Bighorn sheep in the high mountain ranges; however your words do have a lot of kick so I will give you five stars and two thumbs up,

Nice work, Amen.

        10-30-2014     Frank Fields        

This is an excellent work. Not much else to say beyond what Jeff and Susan have offered. This kind of writing deserves to stay here, where it can be appreciated.

Frank :)

        03-02-2012     Susan Brown        

Hi Jacqueline,
I don't know how I missed this before? The first (3) stanzas- I really enjoyed. Felt like I was right there, hood and cloak in toe. Then the second person came onto play and I felt a bit like an intruder. Taking flight crossed my mind, but I stayed until the end. I think I need to go over this several times to fully grasp the entire work. Overall, I liked the spooky quality of it.

        02-05-2012     Jeff Holt        

While reading this poem,you transported me to; the coolness of the shade,I saw the shadow of the canopy, observed the objects of nature I seek to admire so much daily. I desire to walk the woods again! Thank You, for a time away from the drab of winter wooded lifelessness.

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