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Emotions Debt

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 01-27-2012

Age Rating: 10 +

This is reality.
Endless moments of questioning and
stapled into your mind like
left over memoes on receipts
you never filed--
--bills you never paid--
debts of childhood emotions
stuck to the credit score
of adult behavior.
I'm hesitant.
Took out too much of a loan for the future
on ambitions that never panned out,
lovers that never lasted,
heart aches that never properly healed,
moments in life I
never received enough love
to make up for the amount I was pouring.
The coffers
The debt levels high.
Is there such a thing as emotional bankruptcy?
Or will I forever
be left
the slaving sycophant to human affection,
working to pay a debt
I never meant to incur.

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        08-16-2012     Samantha Powers        

I am adding this one to my favorites, I have to say that I like it....A lot. I feel so similar when reading this the only thing that kept me from thinking it was mine was the style =) I love the word Coffers for some reason, it is one of my favorite books and I like how it sounds.
I often find my self in much emotional debt, but as i have gotten older i look at my debt financially and then smile as i think, we may have a crappy credit but you can always recover. And another thing....It is a proven fact that the government purposely forces us into debt to try and control us like sheeple. And I would like to say that i think this can be said for emotional debt. the tons of crowds, will try to put you into emotional debt, to control you. So dont let em =)

        02-20-2012     Alan Reed        

        02-20-2012     Alan Reed        

emotional bankruptcy is a novel feeling....your images are will be a great writer...Alan

        02-14-2012     Frank Fields        

I don't think any of us ever do--mean to incur that particular debt. And, for some twisted reasons, the lien holder hates to let any of us go. Very nice writing, Debra. ^^

Frank :)

        02-06-2012     Susan Brown        

Hi Debra,
Refreshing to hear your young voice. This too, "debt" shall pass like a ship wreak in the wind. Hard work and time fix everything. Truly, there is always a new direction waiting patiently for your inner emotions to remind's time to engage. Nice to see you in print. Battle emotional bankruptcy on every level. Bring all your poet friends along for support. Remember, ink swells, and you lady write beautifully.

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