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Cross In Review

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 02-19-2012

Age Rating: 13 +


Cross upon my forehead

Truth on my sleeve

Death all about me

Why do I believe


Just a simple mind

In pit of snakes

Donkey in a well

Raise him up go to hell




Took my heart to dreaming

On a road filled with pain

Marked the screaming

As we prayed in the rain


Just another soldier tired of the fight

Sleeping in the hell hole

We call life


See the river filled in red

Question transition

Was it something I said


Father take my burden

Lay it low across the land

Light the campfire

As we try again


Carry the cross on the cobble

Stones bleed his name

Fame and fortune

Truth and pain

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        03-05-2012     Jeff Holt        

Being an admirer of Religious poetry, I believe I can understand the "solider tired of the fight,
sleeping in the hell hole we call life" not merely that but possibly the motivation of this great piece. I enjoyed this read and relate.

        03-04-2012     Raja Sharma        

Sometimes when I read your work which seems to be full of religious allusions and bitter philosophical truths, I begin to doubt whether it is real Walter, or the person, trying to find himself being so skeptical about all that is and has happened in life, or is it simply the poet who is hiding behind the masks.

Truth, bitter of course if you want to remain alive forever, undeniable often gives birth to faith, for nothing seems to be working in this drama called life. Sometimes I doubt the wisdom of the word called "faith" for I feel that our shortcomings or our feeling of being incapable,physically or mentally, to deal with the situations give rise to faith. It does not mean that I don't believe in Unknown. I loved the way you fit the precise diction to convey the emotion. It is more than a poem to me. "Fame and fortune Truth and pain." Great! Really Great!

God bless you

        03-03-2012     Alan Reed        

I feel the same with regard to writes of a religious theme, but this is more about faith in knowing where you are going. I don't think it is that hot place Walt. Plus, you're still just a whippersnapper. We all carry a burden, think of it as a crucifix. Crying in the rain, however, should be offset by smiling at the sun spots.

        02-23-2012     Frank Fields        

Amn't too good at commenting on works that seem to have a religious focus. But that's just me. Nothing to do with the works I've read. And some works are really beyond comment, like this one. It speaks for itself, Walt. To whoever can find the truth that's there. And there be a goodly bit of that. ^^

Frank :)

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