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Happy tear of a clown.

by Alex Gardiner (Age: 81)
copyright 02-25-2012

Age Rating: 18 +
Happy tear of a clown.
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Is this me or the inner me yea see?
Is this me or no me to be?
Is this jist a put oan face yea see?
A wunder whit yer answer be?

Whit is a clown efter aw?
Is it a mind aboot tae fa'?
Is it jist anither side?
O' a person wae sumthin' tae hide?

Could it be whit yea wid like tae be?
we aw wid like oor ither side tae see!
Is yer ain face lookin' sad or glad ?
Dis it look kind or blidy bad?

A clown tae me is a person whae cares,
a person whae cares aboot who ithers fair.
A clown whae pits his ain thochts aside,
sad faces a clown wull no abide.

Noo a clown is no there tae heal yer mind,
yer happy side he wull try an' find.
Aye ! Yer ither clown side is a'ways thare,
an' fur you tae be happy is aw he cares.

Sae try an look oan yer bright clown side,
if oany fur a wee while yer sad thochts tae hide.
Cos' wae a happy frame o' mind,
ye'll git oot o' that brainless bind.

Remember if yea see the tear o' a happy clown,
whit yer seein' is no a put down.
A clowns tear fur you;.... Kin be a joyful win,
an' turn yer sad face intae a brammer grin.

Noo am no tryin' tae gie a lecthur taday,
am jist hivin' a wee quiet say.
Sae hiv a wee look at ma clownie face uptope again,
So aw ma wurds av jist wrote wull no be in vain..
The Auld Yin.

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        03-26-2012     Susan Brown        

Hi Alex,
After my first read I ran directly to your home page to listen to where you might be coming from, and what "might you" be trying to say?

The clown actually gave me a large push. He's very dramatic, and if I had a clown phobia... one of my pnp friends would be peeling me off the ceiling about now. I love the tone of this, I do. I'd like to give it a five for the smiling scary effect he left me with, but truly, clowns can be so deceiving. I have to study his spelling and speech to hear/see if he is playing with my emotions. Rub some of his make-up around. Mess up his hair. I'll be back soon for a visit.

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