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by soloiq (Age: 53)
copyright 02-27-2012

Age Rating: 18 +

Have you read his book?
his symbol was a cross
spoke of peace
fed the hungry
tried to be the boss
died of his own free will
lost a bit of blood
had dealings with the Jews
who consider his name Mudd
said to be in prophecy
quite the famous guy
others said he was crazy
why do the innocent die?
most his pictures show
hair upon the face
wanted  people pure
his body left no trace
brought the biggest war
many a last breath
people sent to burn
even after death
planned an earthly kingdom
lasting a thousand years
all must believe and follow
beware of your peers !
he loved his mother
wasn't a father
you can call him brother
I wouldn't bother
these facts aren't here
just to tease us
they make you think
Hitler is Jesus

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