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Tried Once More

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 03-03-2012

Age Rating: 18 +


Keep in clear

The savage we feel

Read the page

Soft  swiftly we stand

Love in a warm sand

Reality cries in spirit

We leave a message

In a light finding

A scream fell on a dead ear

Please the heart of here

Read not a page

Rage is in sage

Give to lead

Child weeps in keeping

Peace leads the memory

As black fills the mind

Time makes all shades

A marker in the sand

Ask not what pledes

As real dreams fade

Cups fill with oil

Face terms

Creases lost in age waiting

Road closed

Rose  on my thorny past

Last of the verses

Hearse sings a song of love

Life has moved to last

Poet drops the brush

And the artist

Cries no more

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        03-30-2012     Wayne Thomas        

Once again I stand in awe of the way you can say and emote so much in economy of words. I've always said that poetry is based on emotion first, then the narration. You, sir, are a master of emoting and a master of the language, nearly always with just the right combination of words to grasp us and bear us along with you on whatever journey. Thank you, and a tip of my boater to ya!

        03-05-2012     Jeff Holt        

I read this several times.Intriguing sir,much here to consider.Again,I ponder the valid pen strokes while the canvas of painted imagery covers my mind. Hopefully, other readers find our works worth their reading time.

        03-05-2012     Frank Fields        

And so we weep. Both for the brush and the word. But with a hope and prayer that whomsoever looks upon our works finds them, if not fine or more, then at the very least worth the while.

Frank :)

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