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A Loverís Hurt!

by Raja Sharma
copyright 03-04-2012

Age Rating: 16 +

Fickle crush! He worships the deity

Beguiled in fake adulation of time

Masked souls exchanged sans divinity

His amorousness never changed with clime.


Teach me half the wisdom of your ardor

My restive mind invaded by doubts dark

Will delight descend is getting harder

A lamb madly looks like a deadly shark.


Pray! Is loving God and beloved the same?

He waits eagerly for both to descend

What if arrivals occurred in one frame?

He asks for the wisdom which I can’t lend.


All the worldly riches a heap of dirt!

Doubt! Can providence mend a lover’s hurt!

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        04-16-2012     Walter Jones        

Least we drop from the tower, a voice heavy with, and a question open to a feeble mind, in the write we bleed life, a nerve raw, a hope dull, always just a breathe a way dear freind..Walt

        03-11-2012     Jordan Screws        

Like Frank said, this work is rife with cynicism and disillusionment. However, it also speaks volumes of truth on relationships that have gone wrong... I have certainly felt that way at times concerning friendships that went sour. The answer typically arrives in its own time, but its leisurely arrival certainly does not bring relief when we often need it the most (i.e. right after the incident).

I like how you did this. I can feel the sarcasm and pain dripping from each part of the poem, which was perhaps intentional. The overall composition is consistently good, as is the case with virtually all of your work. You have more than demonstrated your versatility with this work... you can write about the good and the bad of human nature with equal ease. Keep up the good work!

        03-10-2012     Frank Fields        

A very cynical, sardonic, and pessimistic view, but one which holds more truth than we may know. For who of us can know all the truth? But I would think that God and Love are both the same. The sublime passions are at least the same, one to another. For he who has known true love walks in the Tenth Circle. Doubt will always bring a balance, even if unwanted, returning us to the mundane.

A very interesting write, Raja. Thank you. ^^

Frank :)

        03-06-2012     Alan Reed        

Elegant dichotomy Sir Raja. Most lambs certainly are not what one thinks them to be. A religion is not the is faith itself and humility. Nicely done with a deep topic. - regards, - Alan

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