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by Megan Cox (Age: 23)
copyright 03-23-2012

Age Rating: 10 +

Today, the sky is dark. 


The stench of death hangs in the air,

The reek of blood is dizzying. 

The lawn,

Still covered with blood,

Also cradles the wounded. 

Perhaps the harshness,

The cruelty, 

Of this world is over. 

Perhaps not. 

A girl stands below,

Surveys her surroundings, 

Checks on her survivors. 

A hole gapes from the back of her shirt. 

She is drenched in sweat. 

In blood. 

A deep red wound on her back

Cries out to me as it bleeds

But the girl takes no notice. 

She reaches out her hand,

Helping a wounded comrade. 

Her strength is so overwhelming,

Her own beliefs so strong

That she naturally pulls others in. 

Those who fight at her side

Are allowed to share her courage

As she guides them,

Full of hope, full of light,

Full of her love for them all. 

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        11-16-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

I like this. I felt such a strong sense of power as I read it, I had an image in my of a strong woman in armor, just beaten but holds her head high. This is very well said. It really set a scene as you described the setting like the end of a bloody battle. It flows so nicely. Great great job, it gives women a sense of empowerment, that we are just as strong and can fight just as hard as men.

        05-02-2013     Ghana (gina) A.        

Nice words. You certainly have a good thinking. You know I also love poetry but I am not good at it too. In fact I can;t do poetry. Post some more of the poems. I really, really like them. May you keep on writing the stories and poems without any difficulty. Well, you are better than me.

        03-25-2012     Jeff Holt        

Wow, what a visual. Left me smelling the "stench of death" and the "reek of blood".
Wonderful... how you place hope, love and light amid the terrors and tragedies. Thanks for the read.

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