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Ocean Deep

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 03-25-2012

Age Rating: 10 +



Albino sky, line
A shell found new sound today
Sea horses hitched

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        05-02-2014     Rachel Brown        

Haiku does live in the U.S.A. Susan this a truly inspiring piece I've been working on a Book of Haiku which is gonna be a lifetime project . And this is a great example of very fine Haiku.

Keep up the wonderful work Susan.
R. Brown

        11-07-2013     Rachel Brown        

        11-07-2013     Rachel Brown        

Three words - Short and Sweet. Perfectly proportioned haiku that could paint a perfect picture in my head. I love it much . And I look forward to reading more soon.
I will read on .
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful haiku with us.

        07-02-2012     Walter Jones        

To write and feel, the share, yes the poet smiles, I was CAPTURED. Walt

        03-29-2012     Frank Fields        

*applause* Which is, I think, worth so much more than any points. But, of course, those must also be awarded. This is fine work, Susan. Just fine. Thank you. ^^

Frank :)

        03-26-2012     Alan Reed        

Extremely clever. With the smell of the sea brine this haiku touches all senses. Beautiful must be the sound of hitched sea horses. I can see you shell hunting under that albino sky, line. Alan

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