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by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 03-30-2012

Age Rating: 16 +

Eight in the morning,

walking barefoot through the wet green

manicured grass of the golf course

surrounded by mist and fog,

destination:  the track,

then class.


Halfway across the seventh hole

on our little Odyssey

the sprinklers come on.


So much for the Anthropology term paper

due tomorrow right after lunch.

We're off at a dead run,

drenched in ice water,

all the way to the path that rambles

toward the track.

Right fork and up over the hill

and we're nearly there.

Lori isn't wearing a bra this morning

and let's say I'm a bit, uh,


She looks over at me,

gives a shrug and a little laugh

and we keep going.


Soaked and shivering

but with dry socks and tennies

we warm up and take off.

It was Lori's idea

that we run the first lap backward.

It's becoming a custom,

always fun.

That done with

we set out for five miles before

first hour--English Lit.


We were pretty well dried out

when we got back to the track.

The fog was disappearing

with the morning sun

and we could see the campus.


Quick spritz and change for class

and we walk, slowly,

gabbing on about

"Lady of the Lake"

by Sir Walter Scott.

It's a long, somewhat bumpy poem

but it's way better than "Ivanhoe",

one of Scott's weaker works,

the novel that was inflicted on us last term.

I buy the coffee at the Student Union,

(we take turns)

finish off Sir Walter,

Lori gives me a quick surprise hug,

for whyever,

and five minutes later

we wander into class

just as the bell rings.



Thank you all for thinking about me. 62 today. Hard pressed to believe it! It's been a tough month for me healthwise and the stupid bipolar taking my emotions on a roller coaster. I didn't expect anything and frankly, it's been a long time since I've paid much attention to birthdays. It's been like, "The more you have had the fewer you have left". Cynical, I know, but with all the ailments I've gone through and are going through, it's sometimes hard to pump yourself up. Thanks again. It helped. I do feel a bit better!

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        03-31-2012     Frank Fields        

Happy Birthday Wayne! ^^ Wouldn't worry about the years so much as what you were able to accomplish, enjoy, share, create, in those years. So many pass through life on an express headed for nowhere and end up exactly there--nowhere.

Some few others, like yourself, can see the stops they've made along the way and know that they were good ones.

Frank :)

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