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pure energy. .

by fatalflaw
copyright 11-25-2012

Age Rating: 13 +

light is pure energy, a mind boggeling form

in the same way you are pure energy

since the day you were born

energy will never deplete

God like formation is what you must seek

not as in magic or a voodoo transission

just a beautiful, pure, unconditional loving creation

non judgemental always there to help

give everything you own and expect nothing back

purer than the snow capped mountain stream that trickels by

innocent as a child that just learned to say hi

beautiful as the morning sun, on a crisp winter day

if you do this you too will surely be saved

you are a spiritual creature in human form

close your eyes and pray to God and you will be reborn

everything you ask He shall surely grant

if you build the foundation to support such an act

without an object to behold

i have found eternal gold. .

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        02-10-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very beautiful poetry..God like formation is what you must seek not as in magic or a voodoo true Jesus is supernatural.
nice poem on salvation..yes,people must find him on their own...

        08-25-2013     Intekhab Naser        

Pure Energy...will never deplete!
Its quite interesting to ponder on such imagination of pure energy, it is indeed wonderful :)
'innocent as a child that just learned to say hi'
'close your eyes and pray to God and you will be reborn'
and many more such lines, show all the sophistication in complete simplicity.
Thanks for sharing this friend, good work.

        08-18-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Fatalflaw.
A definite expression of what"pure energy" is.
I love the way you coupled it with innocence in some sense.
Well written thank you for sharing.
Keep writing.

        03-05-2013     Rachel Brown        

What a very spiritual tapestry its so beautiful.
I love it Keep writing such pieces and that'll move me to tears its such a gorgeous work of art I just had to make a comment on such a moving poem.
Keep Up the Wonderful work.
Keep Smiling and Keep Writing too *_*.
-Rachel ^_^

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