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by betterthingstocome
copyright 04-20-2013

Age Rating: 18 +



Depression takes over and won’t let go
Sleeping all day life goes by to slow
Harboring feelings of guilt and shame
Thinking that we are to blame


Why then do these feeling keep pulling us back
Why won’t they just fall through the subliminal crack
Why the thoughts can’t be left aside
Why do we harbor these things inside


Eating at our very being everyday
Crushing our souls like a cast away
Contemplations of futures demolish
Contentment begins to abolish


Never alone in the world today
Asking for help is easy to say
Acknowledging we are man of flesh
Making us think we are far less


Getting life back definitely needs a ploy
Peacefulness we want to enjoy
God help us to understand
You are holding us with your right hand

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        12-04-2013     hyenalover19        

Wow this is absolutely beautiful, and I could not have asked for a better piece. It was well written, many people in this world go through some form of depression, some more then others. I myself suffer from a Type of sever depression, it is hard to get around, but I find putting my feelings into writing helps.

        10-17-2013     Regina Lehman        

Very nice poem and true to life as so many people experience depression and just as you wrote in your poem...Depression takes over and won’t let go
Sleeping all day life goes by to true this verse is as well as all the other words you wrote it describes depression to a tee.

        10-05-2013     Angela Toshner        

This is all so true. Though there are a few grammatical issues and due to that the English minor in me cannot give you 5 stars the words you wrote here speak a story so many are afraid to tell. As a Social Worker and someone currently dealing with severe depression I hope that you, or the person you are writing about can find hope.

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