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The Faintest Love

by Rachel Brown (Age: 29)
copyright 04-27-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

I  thought  love  

was   at  first     just  a   word 

meant    for   lovers   true,

Blood   forms   a  puddle      next   to 

me  as  I    pray    for   a  second 

chance  to   find   where  I've   gone  wrong 


am  I   so   wrong 

to    want     this  second  chance

at  love?

I   know    now

the   faintest  love  is   the

sweetest    love  ever  known   to    man kind,

I   will   grow   efficiant   

as  a  lover  and   friend 

nothing     can   define    the   word   lover    to   me

this  much  I   know;

Love    cannot   be    found   through    actions  

but      through   the    words  of   god  

I    may  be    wrong   on   this    but  I   will  

believe in     gods    good   word  and   I   cannot   say  more  of   this.

Love  isn't   just   a   word  

meant   for   lovers      but  so  much   more  

its    a  word   for   those  who  are   worthy   of   the  

word  and   know   the   meaning  of   it   too,

I   will   grow  as  

a   woman    and    someone  

so   loving   that  blood   will    flow  no  more   from  

my    heart   and   on  to    ground   before  me;

I   will  bleed   no  more 

 for   the   man   I  love   so   enchantedly   

I   will  grow   for    him   now    as  if   god   put  me 

here   for  him   and   him  alone  and   no   one   else .

I   am   a  blessed  

woman   to know     that  I   have   a  reason   to   

live     here     for    someone  so    dear   to   my  heart,

to  know   he  is     there   to  hold   me  in 

the  arms  of  love  so   strong   and    yet   the   faintest 

love  is mine own  love  so   pure;

I   am   so  lucky   and   blessed   in 

the   love   that is   our own   pure  love

so   strong  and   true.

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        04-28-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Rachel
I love love this writing. Yes I am one who dashes after the affectionate writings.
Your words
"I am a blessed
woman to know that I have a reason to
live here for someone so dear to my heart,
to know he is there to hold me in
the arms of love so strong and yet the faintest
love is mine own love so pure"

really hit my heartstrings on such a night as this. Thank you for sharing your writing.

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